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Time For A Reboot?

Hello everyone.  If you have noticed, by dropping by recently, this site has changed and all of the past blog posts are missing.  Unfortunately, I made a mistake and failed to renew my hosting plan on time.  As a result, the hosting company deleted all of my blog files.  To make things worse, I neglected to back up my files.  In other words, I am guilty of not prioritizing this blog and I am sorry.  I have received many emails from my readers asking if I was coming back.  The answer is… yes I am!  I am in the process of having the blog redesigned and also working on new content.  I expect to have this new design, online, by the end of January 2016.

As Zig Zigar once said, “Yesterday ended last night. Today is a brand new day and it’s yours.”  In life, sometimes you have to hit “Alt-Ctrl-Del” and start over.  There is nothing wrong with a clean slate as long as you are working on betterment.  Sometimes we all need a good reboot.  2016 looks like a good year for a reboot.  What positive changes are you planning in the upcoming year?

Until next time…KCMO…Keep Calm and Money On!

Johnathon Brady
The Angry Millionaire


  1. Krissi says:

    An ongoing goal I have to is to be more Invested in others. Calling or writing to family members, showing that I care more! Some people fall into the “I’m bad at keeping in touch” and I want to be the person that gets good at it!

    • Johnathon says:

      I can truly relate. Social media does help, but it less personal than a phone call or a visit. We are not perfect people and we only have enough time for so much in a day. What we need to work on the most is time management and our priorities. Thanks for commenting… 🙂

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